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Ep. 7 with Abdiel Colberg

Abdiel is a powerhouse blader from Puerto Rico who is known for his move to California in the early 2000s and becoming a part of the EscoZoo Crew. Abdiel brings his box of old photos from back in the day, tells us about the last time he hung out with Dustin Latimer, and we watch his section in F.O.R. 2.

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Ep. 6 with Miguel Ramos

Miguel dives deep into his history with blading from Puerto Rico, to New York, and to California. He drops some serious knowledge on how he helped fund and build a world class skatepark in his hometown as well as his current project to make bladers dreams all over the world come true. Miguel is a truly great and knowledgeable person in our sport and we need more people like him to keep us all around.

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