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Ep. 25 with Jeff Frederick

Jeff Frederick is one of the originals out of Philly. He gives us some insight into his earlier days, how he got his first sponsor, the “rules” skating in Philly in the 90’s, and we get to watch a few of his sections.

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Ep. 24 with Scott Crawford

After taking a break from blading for over a decade, Scott is making his return back to the game and making a huge impact in a different way. After telling us his stories about being on the Vans Warped Tour, hanging out with Gwen Stefani, and touring with Tony Hawk, Scotty wants to give something back to the community with his new event, the "Manly Blade Meet", which had an unbelievable turn out with guests from all over the world.

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Ep. 22 with Nick Lomax

So many of you asked, so…it’s here…the Nick Lomax episode! Chances are, you’re already one of his FORTY ONE THOUSAND Instagram followers so Nick needs no introduction. We all love him… he’s British, likes earl grey tea, lives in Barcelona, can do Farfegnugens and Top Acids no problem at all. Nick also brings on a few of his own special guests on, so we hope you enjoy this one as much as all 6 people did who were in the audience watching!

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Ep. 21 with Dominik Wagner

Dominik Wagner is a Winterclash veteran who is one of the people who help make this event what it is today. We laugh a bunch about his attempt at skating for 48hrs non-stop in New York City, traveling the world to film shoot blade photos, and his experiences with the new SOLA Frames.

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Ep. 20 with Leon Humphries

Leon is one of the most stylish and innovative bladers to come out of the London scene. From the 90’s until now, he drops a ton of knowledge how people develop their style, how he still skates and films year round, and HOMIE OVERLOAD at Winterclash.

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Ep. 18 with Eugen Enin and Joe Atkinson

We're back with Season 2 Live From Winterclash 2019 in Eindhoven, Netherlands!

We sit down with Eugen Enin (Most Creative Trick Winterclash 2019) and Joe Atkinson (Winner and Best Trick Winterclash 2019). Eugen talks about how his style originated from hip hop influences and how important it is to learn your history in blading,. Joe goes into his life traveling the world with FISE, his first experience with skating full pipes, and much more!

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